Why Carpet Restoration Services Are Useful

Rugs and carpets are adored these days by both home and business owners, and that’s because they’re visually attractive and able to make any space beautiful. Persian carpets, in particular, are uniquely colored and designed, and this is why these carpets have been sought after for centuries. An excellent Persian carpet can add a new dimension of beauty to a room, and these can be used—as they are commonly—on the floors and walls of a home or business.
But when a Persian carpet begins to lose the qualities is when carpet restoration services are needed. Our team has been delivering these for years, and we’re also sought by those who need expert Persian carpet cleaning in NYC. Our carpet restoration services will bring life back to your carpets, and when we’re done with the restoration they will be like brand new.
Often, clients in NYC ask us to provide Persian carpet recoloring, reweaving, binding, and fringing. While we provide many other carpet restoration services, these are the ones we provide most often. To know more about each of these carpet restoration services, read through the sections below.


Carpet Recoloring For Your Persian Rug

Our carpet recoloring service is sought by those who want to bring life back to their carpets. The recoloring experts we employ are meticulous, attentive, and detailed, and make sure your carpet gets back to you looking stunning—no matter how old or complex it is. You can enjoy peace of mind when you leave your carpets with us. We know that Persian carpets are delicate, and this is why we’re always careful when handling them. You won’t have to worry about carpet dye running or any unique carpet pattern being ruined.

What You Should Know About Carpet Reweaving

The carpet reweaving service we provide will save your carpet from an untimely end. When we’re done with reweaving, your carpet will be sturdy as well as visually appealing. Unraveling can make a Persian carpet look bad, and if your carpet is facing this issue, we help you immediately. Reweaving isn’t just for Persian carpet owners. Those who own Moroccan rugs, oriental rugs, kilim rugs, Turkish rugs, and other exotic rugs need this service often as well.

Carpet Binding When Needed for Your Persian Rug

If you want to avoid putting a beloved Persian carpet out in the trash, then you should consider getting a carpet binding service from our team. They bind your carpet in a way that’s best for it—using either binding tape or a special sewing machine. When they’re done with binding, your carpet will last for several years to come.

When It’s Time To Get Carpet Fringing

A carpet’s fringe is arguably its most important piece. Therefore, when this is damaged, it won’t be long before the rest of the carpet starts to fall apart. The fringing service our team provides will stop the degradation process in its tracks, and when we’re done with fringing you’ll think you’re looking at a brand new carpet.